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The beauty of Sung La culture-tourism village

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Coming to Lung Cam culture-tourism village in Sung La commune,Dong Van district,you will have special feelings about human beauty, the character of material culture and non –material culture that is still  preserved here.

The village existed among the romantic valley, with 61 households living in ancient wall houses, the house was made almost 100 years ago. There are three ethnics living together here consist of Lo Lo ethnic, Mong ethnic and Han ethnic. Mong ethinic occupied of 85% of the population in the village and many artists also kept a lot of their national songs such as  folk, folk dancing, musical instruments typical of the nation. They are transmitted through many generations  and have humanism and spirituality in the lives of the people here. Through song and dance, in order to demonstrate the concept, perception of things and phenomena around the world of people here, Mr Mua Van -64-year-old artist said: At present, he still maintained and remember more than 360 folk songs, ethnic songs that was taught by his farther from the children ..

The path to Lung Cam culture –tourism village has concreted to each household, water irrigation system is guaranteed to make a new face of the rural in highlands, but not losing the ancient of the village.The roof is thatched with yin and yang tile where is covered by  the green moss .This shows the survival and challenge after the time. The materials that make up the houses was  produced in place, from the ground to the walls, tiles, wood, and also stone fence around the house.The process for buildings a house of the people living in the North in general and the people living here in particular are 100% handmade. The tools reflect for their lifestyle is an interesting discovery for tourists as they prove for the hardworking of the people living here.Therefore,this palace attacts many photographers, filmmakers and It is also the origination for composing for many works of art, for examplel: Lung Cam village has been selected as the starting film "Story of Pao. "This film has won the award"The Golden Kite "of the Vietnam Cinema Association.

 Located right along the 4C highway ,so going to Lung Cam culture-tourism village is very convenient. They are many inbound and outboun tourists coming here each year. The life of the people living here mix together with the natural breath to make a warming space from the house was surrounded by peach trees, sa mu.The gray tile color mixed in gray moutainstone color, in colored brocade, in the colorful dresses of the Mong ,LoLo and Han girls  as the flowers of the forest. All create beautiful paintings on the Dong Van Plateau. Around the village is surrounded by mountains like the walls that protect for the village. Among the stone forest is the green corn fiels that giving the rich harvest,  Economic development also is emphasised here ,so lifestyle of people is improved more and more.Many economic models have achieved remarkable success such as planting rose model that getting tens of millions of dong each year. The attention of committees, local government has created the conditions for the development in Lung Cam culture and tourism village ,with the efforts of the local people, the Lung Cam village would be an attractive place for people to visit and to explore the hidden beauty here.

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