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Responsible tourism in Tha Village - Ha Giang

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If you wish to do something unique and meaningful in your way of travel, let’s join Responsible Tourism Tour with Hagiangtravel.

This tour was started from 2014 by many Tay ethnic minority families in Thon Tha village, Ha Giang province in order to reduce poverty, create more job opportunities and preserve their own ancient culture, which is afraid of being disappeared in the near future due to the lack of practical actions.
Participating in this tour, visitors will not only have the chance to experience daily life with Tay ethnic people, but also which is the best way to embrace the Tay traditional cultural values. Especially by teaching English, computer skills and living skills for local people, you will contribute in no small way in creating job opportunities for the disadvantaged groups in the area, such as many unemployed young people who tend otherwise to migrate to cities or urban areas to find jobs and earn money. And your contribution to local children who have no conditions for learning English and other essential skills is such a great thing for their brilliant future.
Among those things, guests can also experience hands-on experiences of farming life, learn about traditional arts like weaving, music and dancing. Joining trekking and motorbike tours with speaking English local guides, or enjoying local cuisine with the Tay's and Dao's families at the homestays are one of the most interesting experiences waiting for you.
The tour will definitely not make you leave with disappointment. With the hope of show the beauty of ethnic life and culture to the world without bringing the world to local, Hagiangtravel will take you to the promised land of joy, fun, sympathy and friendship. For more information, please visit



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