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Quan Ba Ha Giang

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Quan Ba Valley, located at 45 kilometres (28 mi) from Ha Biang, at 7,945.8 metres (26,069 ft) elevation, is called the “Heaven’s Gate” and has a TV Transmitter on a summit. Uniformly shaped hills of the valley are viewed from this summit. Quan Ba Pass provides alluring views of the voluptuously named Thach Nhu Doi (literal meaning: double stalagmite) but also known as “Two Stone Breasts” in the valley below. The valley has forested hills and meadows, with temperatures ranging between 10 °C (50 °F) in winter and 24 °C (75 °F) in summer. It is well known for its secret grottoes and caves, colourful orchids, plum and peach trees, persimmon orchards, medicinal plants and many more. The town of Dong Van is famous for its Pho Bang Street which features multistoried buildings built with clay bricks and tiled roofs. The weekly market is where the Tay and H’Mong ethnic groups of the province visit in large numbers to trade in various types of goods and colourful hand woven cloth.

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