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Le Gau Tau of Mong people Ha Giang Vietnam

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Held in spring, from 1st to 15th January of lunar calendar, on low hill with quite level topography. The ceremony consists of distinct two parts but has closely relationship. The first can not held mentioning its Gau Tao ceremony to pray for happiness and fortune. The second is the Mong’s custom.

One New year’s tree will be set up in the days before Tet, a wine- gourd and a piece of red cloth on its top to inform local people preparing for the festival. In fact that, this is a ritual praying for a child of the families who can not have children or families with sick members.

After the worship undertaken by wizard, there will be festival session with entertainment activities of Mong people such as dance with pan -pipe, humming – top collision, shooting cross bow , shooting bow and arrow , horse race, singing gau plenh, singing love story song, singing retort, singing trao duyen, festival singing, etc.

At the end of the festival, there will be ceremony of taking down on the neu tree and take the red cloth from the Neu tree to hang inside house to aspire to lasting happiness. “Gau tao’ festival is one typical cultural activity on Dong Van karst plateau Geopark.

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